Aleksandra Attorneys Ltd

Business law firm.

Aleksandra Attorneys is an independent Helsinki-based business law firm focused on mergers and acquisitions, private equity and real estate. We represent leading Finnish, Nordic and international investment funds, institutional investors, as well as private and listed companies.

Aleksandra Attorneys was founded by experienced lawyers who have longstanding experience working for major Finnish and international law firms. Our ambition is to create a high-end, hands-on and focused business law firm in Finland.

Productive and pragmatic.

We are not deal killers. We don’t talk just to hear ourselves speak. We want your deal to work and will do our utmost to make sure it is completed. We will protect your vital interests. Vigorously. We are exceptional in our areas of expertise and bring our practical experience to make sure all of your legal issues are protected.


At Aleksandra Attorneys, the focus is not on the number of lawyers, the range of services provided or the volume of assignments, but rather the individual needs of our clients and the high-level of know-how we provide. Our relationship with clients is productive and pragmatic. We maintain a low associate-to-partner ratio with partners working hands-on for each assignment. The focus on matters that require the attention and experience of our partners limits the number and types of assignments we undertake.


As evidence of our results, during our first year in business we were involved in high-profile transactions that had an aggregate value of over EUR 1 billion.

We are guided by our mission to provide unparalleled expertise, strategic vision and hands-on service.

Unparalleled expertise

Unparalleled expertise.

We are exceptional and focused. In our areas of expertise, we provide outstanding legal counsel combined with practical business understanding. We know what it takes to get a transaction completed. Our commercial awareness stems from a long and proven track record of client successes.

Strategic vision.

We have creditable business acumen and understanding of the commercial factors that are relevant to each undertaking. As a result, we are also able to support our clients in their strategic business thinking and offer practical solutions while zealously protecting our clients’ vital interests and promoting the progress and completion of the assignment.


Achieving high-quality results require robust hands-on work with significant partner-level attention, a solution-driven attitude and dedicated team focused on fulfilling our clients’ needs so they can succeed in their businesses.

Aleksandra Attorneys